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Ten out of  Ten  say ‘I have an idea’. But only one out of ten says
‘I have tried my idea’
Be the  One who makes a difference to this world. Come let’s travel together. ”
– Veenaa Vedika Team

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About Us

We are a bunch of aspiring filmmakers and 'Art For Human Enlightenment' (మానవ వికాసానికై కళ) is what we strongly believe in.

About Our Logo

'Veenaa' is a stringed south Indian Instrument, in the hands of Saraswathi Devi, Goddess of knowledge, music, arts and 'Vedika' means Stage.


Our Projects' motto: 'Art should reflect the society, culture and it plays far more bigger role than 'just' entertainment'

Our Belief

An art form is meaningful only when it contributes to betterment of human living! This forms the basis for all our Projects - 'Human Friendly'


News from Tollywood, our reviews of different movies, anything related to movies, we jump and write a blog! Follow us for awesome stuff!

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