Trivikram Gajulapalli

Founder, Veenaa Vedika
Michigan, USA

Trivikram is a self-made enterprenuer, film director-writer and producer. At the age of 27, he took a break from his IT profession to found Veenaa Vedika, a media company to quench his entrepreneural and creative thirst. With movies at the forefront, ‘Art for human enlightenment’ is the idea that drives Veenaa Vedika. His clear vision, calculated risks and the urge to change the rules of the game have nurtured Veenaa Vedika to a group of serious filmmakers.

He ventured into multiple areas of film making and also into finance.His focus is on creating economic opportunities which foster success in both professional and personal lives. He is always looking for meaningful and long term collaborations. So please feel to drop in a message to him.

Interests that keep Trivikram busy:

● Exploring the spiritual and cultural wealth of India.
● Nation building initiatives. [Ex-President People For Loksatta Detroit Chapter]
● Organization building.


Feature Film :

Karam Dosa (Telugu – 2016)
Genre : Comedy – Social – Drama
Departments Handled : Story, Dialogues, Screenplay, Direction, Production
One Liner : Stop talking and start taking small steps towards your big goals.

Short Films :

Departments Handled : Story, Dialogues, Screenplay, Direction, Production

Upshot (English – 2019)
Genre : Drama
One Liner : You can take a deep breath and let it go or repent all your life. It’s about rage and its consequences.

Manasu (2015)
Genre : Drama
One Liner : It sails you through one of the most complicated phases of human life i.e., “When you realize that you will die one day”

Kucchu Topi (2012)
Genre : Comedy – Silent short film
One Liner : Karma catches up.

Potti Budankai (2011)
Genre : Drama
One Liner : Stop complaining and learn living your life, your way.


Balakka – Dancing with Tradition (Documentary)
Mangamma Gari Manavadu (Shortfilm)

Stage: (as Writer-Director-Actor)

Aalpaal Swamy
Lakum Gola


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