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The First Indian film ( Srimanthudu ) screened in Chile, South America gets a tremendous response.
Indian Films in Chile IFCL,  a group of filmy lovers aspired to screen the Indian films in Chilean Theaters so that Indian Diaspora (around 2000) here re-live the experience which we are missing for quite some time. Screening a non native film was very difficult with challenges such as  Chileans only speak Spanish, bring on Investment for a single show and so on.

We were hounding for right film to bring and cater across languages and finally made the impossible into a reality with a Telugu Film Srimanthudu – grand launch with Flash Mobencompasses the super hit songs of all Indian Major Film Industries.

Srimanthudu in Chile – Audience response video:

It was an appealing and gracious moment when the theatre got completely filled with Indians, Chileans and other expats as similar to one of our Indian Festivals.

Imagine the experience of Spanish people watching an Indian movie for the first time when all of us “going gaga and celebrating “in the theater.

This is the first ever Indian movie which got released in Chile, South America, on August 23rd 2015 in Cinemas and for only one show. and for only one show. The icing on the cake is, more than Indians, we got more interesting comments from Chileans and they liked the movie and are waiting for more Indian Films.


Hope this can be the first good step to screen many Indian movies in Chile, South American theaters. I would like to mention Anand, Harish, Gaurav & Simran, Rajesh, Anil, Harish Kasula, Vijay,Vijay Lee, Intiaz, Jatin and many others who all are our team in the voyage and without them this might have been still a dream.

– Kishore babu (Organizer and Author of above report)

Veenaa Vedika thanks Sravan Kumar for sharing this wonderful news with us.

Thank you note:

Though we had a sought of screening a film before 1 year, as none of us from film background, none with the knowledge of what film distribution is all about we were scouring opportunities and at a stage we kept calm due to many hurdles.

Nevertheless, With cognizance of Indian groups in neighbor countries made a try of course met like-minded persons but no avail of Main thing.

With empirical exchange of words with neighbors fortunately one day gotta know about Indian Film Screening in Uruguay and Argentina, there’s a nest with our long lasting wishes. Hurray !
The Day when the journey from there on was a dauntless task to ensure we could do make it.

Above all we’re just a team of 5 folks  with ever lasting wish to make it to true albeit no knowledge of the same.

“Sweets are the uses of Adversity!!”

Adversities :-

Here comes new palabras (words) embarking into our ears for first time such as

** Payment to distributor blindly with complete trust and no guarantee.

** Discovering a theatre with our budget constraints and the formats with encrypted keys that our Indian Film supports.

** Indians in Chile are an extreme minority and Telugu’s were just a dozen or 2. So, selling 150 (break even) tickets
to Non Telugu for the show was no Joke. With an Advantage of Movie encompasses English subtitles we had to go through days of convincing but there are always
folks who appreciates the initiative and obviously didn’t hesitate to support.

** Shipping the Disk from our Argentina Folks who were screening  before a week to us and their plan was deferred which directly affects our plan but fortunately a friend was arriving from Buenos aires carried the disk just a day before our D-day.

** After all this, there are always some folks who would like to criticize or say “why do you want to do such things or why regional movies” , plan properly ,blah blah etc…
Unfortunately they pick the wrong person to say such things 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

** To get a grandeur Indian look, we have planned a flash mob and Samosas during the Interval (first time experience in Chile) but with extreme difficulties managed to do both.

In a nut shell, We embraced the pressures, legal issues and so on with the help and support from our friends and Indian Embassy Chile. Thanks to Indian Embassy and each official.


Finally we managed to reach our target with all our team’s hard work, friends support – especially locals (Chileans who are Indian lovers and our friends)

Projector Guy in the theatre is new to this format process and learned for our purpose luckily everything worked though with our buttler Spanish conveyed the things partially.

Finally on Aug 23rd 2.30 pm , after all the hurdles , we managed to screen the first show successfully – A Grand launch with a flash mob which was a surprise to audience and they loved it.
Few folks did drop off due to personal issues but we had enough crowd especially locals and  other expats in the theatre whistling , clapping, commenting & dancing in the hall celebrating it like any Indian movie on it’s 1st day show.

Huge appetite for Indian Samosas, 150+ sold with in a fraction of a minute. Very sorry to all folks who couldn’t get it and we make sure to get ample stuff for next time 😛

** Last but not least, Folks Kishore, Anand, Harish, Gaurav & Simran, Rajesh, Anil,Harish -The Raj Hotel,Himanshu, Nupur, Vijay, Vijay Lee, Intiaz, Jatin, Shyam, Rajiv Nisum, Latha Aunty, Maria (Photographer),Patrick (Video grapher), Eden , Angelina, Roxona, Kumar(Argentina) and the main guy Sravan (Uruguay) thanks a ton each one of you and we did the impossible and all over the news now.

A proud Moment for all – Hard work Pays off …. More movies and entertainment to come in future 🙂 🙂 🙂


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